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About Us:

Soldier Park Akitas they currently live in the world 23 countries! – Belgium, Bulgaria,Egypt,England, French, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Russia,Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, USA.
Thank you very much for the owners the trust, friendship, and everything!

I was always a big animal lover, we was always had pets, usually rescued animals. But the American Akita is different! I fell in love with them for the first sight, I was amazed by the elegant, strong body, the bear-like head, the beautiful fur, and the movement like a tiger. His size and voice needs respect, but inside he is a loving companion. My first akita is was beloved Dirty, she is come to me, after I studying the breed for a long time, soon she became a wonderful family member. After few months, we adopted her brother, Borisz.
After they was great successes on the dog shows, and learning more and more about the breed we decided we want breeding. Our goal that this wonderful breed will and stay more healthy,more homogeneous type, good looking showdogs or pet. We would like give they for the caring good people, who would like to share their lives with these wonderful dogs. I hope we can share in the joy we get from our dogs day by day together .

I since my kennel in 2005. Breeding only with american akitas, never other breed. All our dogs tested, hip, elbow ( x-ray judge in Budapest, Little Animal Orthopedic Association) and patella, eyes test , have breeding permit, and “few” show results in the world. We start in 2017. thyroid test for our adult dogs, because we love the dog show, but the most important our beloved breed’s health!! Our akitas, and puppies, live near of my family, they regularly visitor in the house . I was (always will) many learned, about akitas, dogs. In 2009. Budapest, Hungarian Kennel Club organized dog breeder school. We have big yard 4500 m2, our akitas daily several time free running in the yard. We have kennel place permit from hungarian official animal husbandry authority. Our puppies only with FCI pedigree, not option, that you want ,or do not want pedigree… Puppies have full vaccinated and regularly dewormed . Puppies only delivery with legal transport from 4 months old . Socialized puppies from birth, practicing daily with puppies for show ( anyone can see my videos about puppies practicing) . We always keep contact with our puppies owners.

If you serious interested our puppy, adult, or a stud dog, please write me your short introducing about your life: country & city,house & yard, do you have children, Akitas or other pet, and what is your plan with the Akita? If you have any question please you write me with trusting! We give our beloved puppies and dogs only for responsible people, breeder, or family. Very please, not write me, if you dealer or puppy farmer! Thank you in advance!

With love and regards: Monika Katona

Pictures from our nice moments with dogs & family,and yard: